Surface and Materials Characterisation

We use our laboratory resources to help our clients find the answers to their problems, complex or straightforward, in a quick and efficient manner. Our laboratory is co-used with Dalarna University, is very well equipped and provides excellent resources with which to solve a wide variety of materials related problems.

Typical specialized projects include:

  • Examination of stains/foreign particles on metal surfaces
  • Fracture analysis on components after fatigue testing
  • Examination of corroded surfaces
  • Evaluation of component quality from a new sub-contractor
  • Examination of flaking coating/paint
  • Coating/oxide thickness determination
  • Hardening method evaluation
  • Characterisation of microstructure/phase distribution
  • Surface roughness measurements (Ra, Sa, Sz, etc.)


Materials characterisation using optical profilometry
Surface roughness measurements using optical profilometry
Light Microscopy
Microstructure of ductile iron showing graphite nodules sorrounded by ferrite in a pearlite matrix
materials characterisation on weld using LOM
Optical microscopy showing the microstrucutre of weld in copper
materials characterisation of dental implants
Medical implants mounted for AES-analysis

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